Instead of your sail ending up in a landfill, give it a second wind of life. Donate it to SOOZOU and meet it again -as a bag!

Your Benefits:

By donating your old sails, you not only help to keep the landfills a little smaller, but you also contribute greatly towards supporting an economic development project for women of the KOKUA KALIHI VALLEY COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER. SOOZOU bags are handmade by a group of women that live in and around the public housing projects of Kalihi Valley. By recycling your sail, you are contributing to their work source and are therefore helping to empower low-income women to be economically self-sufficient!

If this is not reason enough, read on:

1.Limiting disposal efforts: SOOZOU picks up your sails from any location on the island. Email to schedule a donation.
We are solely interested in the sailcloth; we can return the valuable metal parts to you, if you wish.

2.The sails will be cut up so your particular registration number or names/logos will not be recognizable. SOOZOU also guarantees: the sails per se will not be resold nor used for any other purposes than as raw material in our production.

We make SOOZOU bags out of your sails, and as a token of our gratitude you will receive your own personal SOOZOU bag, especially made from your donated sail. Also, with your permission, and as a "thank you" you would be mentioned as a generous donor on this website. 


Yes please:
We are thankful for any sail/s you have to offer, no matter what color or weight. No matter if it is torn or ripped, stained or soiled. 

No thanks:
If the sail is COMPLETELY damaged or covered by mold.

SOOZOU would like to tell the story of YOUR sail!
If you would like to share any adventures or just the destination/s that your sail has traveled to, we are more than thrilled to hear and share this story with our customers. SOOZOU likes to preserve the uniqueness of the item and believes that telling its story keeps it authentic and intriguing. People who carry a bag, made from your sail, will get a little taste of the adventures out at sea.

If you have any questions I would be glad to answer them via email We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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