SOOZOU products are solely handmade. Each item is a special piece and not a machine-produced clone. We believe little imperfections give each item its character and we treasure this. Subtle irregularities that do not detract from the quality or appearance of a SOOZOU product only add to its charm – handmade with love of course!


How to clean your SOOZOU bag:

Remove rope before washing!
For best results hand wash your bag with liquid soap in warm water, do not bleach. For more persistent stains use a brush to scrub gently, especially being careful with the prints and grommets.

Machine wash: Gentle/Cold cycle. Be sure to remove the rope straps before washing! Some machines can be harmful to the grommets – Hand wash recommended.

Hang dry only. DO NOT IRON!


Variations for the shoulder straps

You can wear your SOOZOU bags in different ways, as well as change the shoulder straps and looping styles. Here are some sailor knots you might want to try on your bag. Have fun and be creative!

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