THE CREATIVE HEAD QUARTERS OF SOOZOU is located at Tadpole Studio in Chinatown. Together with Tadpole, SOOZOU uses this design studio as a space for ideas, art, design, creativity… and fun!

  • First SOOZOU has to find used sails...
  • Next we cut out all the metal parts* and the sails into a manageable pieces and wash these.
  • The clean sailcloth is cut into patterns, while seeking out areas with interesting stitching and textures to match SOOZOU’s signature look.
  • Silk screens are applied to the cut-out patterns, and also carefully put in place considering the design.
  • Now the sails are ready to become a bag!
  • The silkscreened patterns are delivered to the Kokua Kalihi Valley Community Health Center. The women from the Kalihi Housing Project are using heavy duty industrial sewing machines to turn the sails into SOOZOU bags.

*We return the metal parts to the generous donors, upon request.
Otherwise we recycle them.

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